About Us

The BraidsInc brand was established over 20 years, and prides itself on providing natural beauty products and services across all spectrum of Our Global Community. When the BraidsInc brand was launched in 2000, the Founder, intended for the Incorporated to be represented of the other aspects associated with braids, like clothing and accessories, hair and make up, and the general natural foundation of beauty.

From its very beginning, BraidsInc pride itself on being able to provide natural beauty solutions to diverse ethnicity for women, men and children. In fact, our online presence started before our brick and mortar by selling human hair wigs to far off places like Japan. As a brick and mortar, BraidsInc was one of the first natural hair salons in all of the USA to have a website, and certain one with integrated e-Commerce.

The philosophical foundation of BraidsInc is one of independence and empowerment, both for us as a small, and for a majority of our largely female client base. As referenced in The Bible Timothy 2:9-10, Women would braid their hair high atop their heads, having it intertwined with jewels and decorative items. At the time that must have been at the chagrin of most of their male counterparts. Today braids are not just another hair style but a lifestyle.

There is no accident that the rise popularity of braids and natural hair, starting in the 1970s, parallels that of hip hop and a general culture movement that has transcended ethnicity in music, art, and fashion. BraidsInc continues to search and research global resources to bring out clients all of the latest in hair, fashion and lifestyle elements related to braids that are interwoven into The Fabric of Our Lives. Thank you for Shopping with Us.