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Why Braids?

Braids are generally good for your natural hair, protecting it from the elements. Maybe you would like to transition from a perm? Explore the options that are available to you in the way of braids and sewn-in weaves.

About Us

Braids Inc is a natural hair studio that specializes in all types of braids, textured weaves and twist for all hair textures. At Braids Inc we promise to provide you with the best hair braiding and weaving options,  and offering outstanding solutions for your natural hair. We would like to be sure that your braids and weave enhances your overall looks

For over 12 years, we have been delivering quality and authentic African Hair Braiding solutions to a diverse clientele in the DMV. The Braiders of Braids Inc hail from Senegal,  Camaroon, Guinea, Ivory Coast and several other African nations where their skills are developed from childhood.

We are experienced and knowledgeable for hair extension and hair care products, as we have been selling the products that we use in the salon to online clients nationwide for almost 15 years.


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